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Presented in the list of the Top 10 peer-to-peer platforms provide services for buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the global market. These platforms have all the advantages of leaders, which allow users to make transactions with the maximum degree of security, with low fees, using various payment methods. 

In addition, serious competition to these marketplaces is provided by peer-to-peer exchanges, which are very popular among users at the regional and national levels and often displace the TOP-10 peer-to-peer platforms from the first places. It should be noted that the quality of services of these platforms is very high and often does not differ from the level of services and technologies of the leading platforms. We will also list these popular peer-to-peer marketplaces below the list of the TOP 10 peer-to-peer platforms.


Peer-to-peer exchanges are marketplaces where people can trade crypto directly with each other. They provide a technical platform on which buyers and sellers can settle trades on their own terms. Unlike traditional exchanges, they don’t process any fiat payments or hold users funds in custody. This light setup allows them to operate in virtually any country and be subjected to much less regulation than normal cryptocurrency exchanges.

Although it’s relatively new, it’s safe to say that peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto trading has come a long way. Now, P2P marketplaces are one of the best ways for you to get your hands on crypto. The question is: why is P2P trading better than more traditional alternatives? What are the advantages of peer-to-peer platforms that have gained such popularity?

What are the advantages of P2P exchanges?

  • Flexible payment methods

Peer-to-peer exchanges support most payment methods.

Where centralized exchanges support bank transfers and credit cards at most, peer-to-peer exchanges allow sellers to define how they want to be paid. This allows users to buy crypto with PayPal or even digital gift cards: on P2P marketplaces, there are hundreds of payment options to choose from. Buyers get to choose how they want to pay, sellers decide how to get paid—all the platform does is bring those two worlds together. Because of this simple idea, more payment options pop up every day as sellers add more to the already extensive roster. 

For example, Paxful, Localbitcoins, LocalCryptos, LocalCoinSwap, Hodl Hodl, Binance P2P - the world's leading peer-to-peer marketplaces, have almost 150 - 400 payment options, which allows you to make simpler, faster and more convenient trades. These payment methods include bank transfers, online wallets, cash, and more.

In addition to that payment flexibility, P2P marketplaces lower the barrier to entry even more by offering lower fees compared to traditional crypto exchanges. By lowering that barrier, crypto becomes more accessible, allowing anyone to buy, sell, and trade—no matter who they are and where they’re from.

For example, on Paxful peer-to-peer trading platform, you can buy crypto at the best prices with zero fees and start with as little as 10 USD. All you need to do is search through the thousands of available offers from our trusted sellers all across the platform. 

  • Privacy

Over the recent years, governments around the globe have been successfully enforcing AML and KYC regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges. This oversight forces the companies running those exchanges to collect as much info on their users as possible: names, places of residence, ID numbers and more.

Peer-to-peer exchanges are subject to less regulation because they only “facilitate” transactions instead of being the counterparty of each trade. This allows users to sign-up providing less information. Moreover, peer-to-peer exchanges allow buying crypto with cash and other privacy preserving payment methods like gift cards, which unlike credit cards or bank transfers can’t be traced back to their owner.

So you can buy Bitcoin with cash, buy Bitcoin with gift card, buy bitcoin with a prepaid card or even without ID. It all depends on the seller.

  • Censorship resistance

All advantages of peer-to-peer exchanges arise from not processing payments. Without a need for banking relationships, peer-to-peer exchanges can’t be censored by any government. This is why peer-to-peer exchanges have flourished in countries like Venezuela or Argentina where governments try to crack down on crypto and forbid centralized exchanges. Most often, peer-to-peer exchanges are not even physically present in the countries they operate in.

  • Security

P2P exchanges do not hold Bitcoins for their users - instead, they connect traders, allowing them to conduct deals directly. Not having to entrust your coins to a third party makes the process much safer. If nobody holds your funds but you, then nobody can steal or lose them - intentionally, or accidentally.

Today’s platforms have really stepped up the game by using security features such as escrow systems that protect both buyers and sellers, extra layers of protection like two-factor authentication (2FA), ID verification systems,  and customer support teams that resolve disputes quickly.

Together, these aspects of P2P trading give users the ultimate power: financial freedom. Because the barrier to entry is low, crypto is accessible. Since payments are flexible, trades can be completed faster. With extra security systems in place, everyone has a safe environment to trade in. Accessibility, quick trades, and a secure trading environment—what more does a user need?  

Having clear advantages over traditional ways of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer platforms have disadvantages that you need to be aware of and take into account when choosing this method of trading.

Advantages of P2P platforms over centralized exchanges

Unlike ordinary online exchanges, where you have to buy cryptocurrency specifically from the exchange itself, or crypto exchanges, where thousands of traders simultaneously place orders, on the peer-to-peer platform, a transaction is concluded between two specific parties. The platform acts primarily as an information resource that allows sellers and buyers to find each other by placing their own offers for buying and selling or using existing offers.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges usually work with a limited list of currencies and payment systems. While on P2P platforms, there are thousands of sellers, who are ready to accept a variety of payment methods. There are cards and transfers from all leading banks, electronic payment systems (TransferWise, Revolut, Neteller, Skrill, AdvCash, PayPal, PAYEER, WebMoney, etc), Western Union transfers, Bank transfers and cards, as well as many other options. So the P2P platform is a universal option to exchange your local currency for Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrency as a long-term investment or for subsequent transfer to a crypto exchange that does not work with your local currency.

The second fundamental advantage of P2P platforms is that they are primarily international information platforms, not trading platforms. The crypto exchange is launched by a certain company which is registered in a certain country, and in case of pressure from the authorities, it can be closed, which there are many examples in the cryptocurrency history. In this case, P2P service becomes salvation, where people find each other and conclude trades with each other, and not through an intermediary party. Governments often block bank accounts linked to centralized exchanges. But they would find it difficult to do this on the P2P trading platforms, because all payments are made directly between users, and not through the platform. The platform is just there to support the traders.

The P2P platform (e.g., Paxful, LocalCoinSwap, LocalCryptos, LocalBitcoins, Vertex Market) is focused on increasing the freedom of funds, and the main way to achieve this goal is to simplify access to cryptocurrency payments for ordinary citizens of any country. People should not only have access to cryptocurrency, but also be able to trade various digital assets using payment methods that are convenient for them. For this purpose, open peer-to-peer platforms for crypto-fiat trading were created.

What are their downsides?

P2P exchanges aren’t better than the regular ones in every regard - longer trade times, less intuitive user experience and lower liquidity are some of their comparative disadvantages. Lower trading volumes are caused by comparatively smaller user bases and longer deal cycles than on regular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Longer deal cycles, on the other hand, are likely a disadvantage that will take a while to fix, if ever. They are caused by the manner in which the trades are conducted - with traders having to wait for actual Bitcoin and fiat transactions to complete before a trade is concluded.

This last issue, coupled with the lower liquidity, means that P2P exchanges are not at all in demand with, for example, professional traders, who need fast transactions to make timely deals. In their current state, these exchanges can only be useful to people interested in the specific advantages they offer - namely increased resilience, privacy, security and freedom of payments.

How do I protect myself against fraud?

Peer-to-peer exchange providers use different solutions to prevent fraudulent activities.

Typically, they have a reputation-based system where sellers have ratings like on Amazon. Most peer-to-peer exchanges also indicate the number of trades a seller has completed as well as whether or not the seller has gone through an ID check, verified their email, phone number etc.

Once you found a seller and agreed on a deal, it is important you only transfer the money (bank transfer, PayPal etc.) once you’re being notified that the seller has transferred the crypto assets into the escrow contract. Once the money is in the escrow you are safe to transfer the money. After you have done the payment, you mark it as ‘paid’ and once the seller marks it as ‘received’ the escrow releases the funds to you.

If a dispute does take place, the exchange hears both sides, looks at chat history and resolves it.

As a seller, things are a bit more complicated due to the fact that most fiat payments are refundable. Because of that, a buyer may send their fiat payment, receive your Bitcoins, and then request a refund from their bank, and leave the seller with nothing. That’s why it’s important that you read the best practices described by the exchange for the payment method of your choice.

Basic concepts of peer-to-peer trading

  • What Is a P2P Crypto Exchange?

P2P crypto exchanges allow users to buy or sell directly with another user. Unlike centralized exchanges where you have to complete KYC to process an order, most P2P exchanges allow you to send/receive cryptocurrencies without asking you for identity verification. Also, exchanges based on the P2P model have no single point of failure like centralized exchanges do.

  • How Do P2P Exchanges Work?

A user can usually register with the exchange without having to go through identity verification. Registration simply requires an email address and a password. After registering, a user can go through different buy and sell offers posted by individuals on the platform. Each offer has different payment options, a different rate and usually a minimum or maximum purchase amount. A buyer can select an offer and contact the seller to set up a transaction. If you’re a seller, you can post the accepted payment method as well as any fee involved. Generally, P2P crypto exchanges use an escrow account to deposit cryptocurrencies or other collateral from the users to ensure the safety of the platform.

  • How to buy crypto on a peer-to-peer exchange?
  1. Sign-up for an account (this will generate you a crypto wallet)
  2. Search through the list of offers and filter by payment method, location etc.
  3. Find an offer that you’re happy with and choose the amount you want to buy
  4. After the seller puts the crypto in an escrow account you have to transfer the money to the seller using the payment method you agreed on
  5. Once the seller confirms payment, crypto is released from the escrow and sent to you
  6. In case of disagreements a dispute can be opened
  • How do Escrows work?

In traditional finance, an escrow is a financial arrangement where a trusted third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for a given transaction between two parties. Any marketplace like Amazon or Ebay utilizes escrows to regulate transactions between sellers and buyers. Normally escrow accounts are held at a bank or similar financial institution.

Peer-to-peer exchanges utilize smart contracts to build escrows that work without a trusted third party. Instead, the cryptocurrency from the seller goes straight into a smart contract on the Blockchain which is programmed such that it releases it only once the seller confirms payment. 

The 10 Best Peer-to-Peer Trading Platforms

1. Paxful

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency Instantly | Paxful. Paxful is a global cryptocurrency trading platform where you can safely trade with millions of users, using 300+ payment methods. Get a free account today.

Paxful is a P2P marketplace that connects Bitcoin buyers and sellers. The exchange offers more than 350 ways to buy Bitcoin, including but not limited to bank transfer, online wallets, gift cards, cash payments, debit/credit cards, cryptos and assets. Though Paxful is trusted by over three million users worldwide, its integrity shouldn’t be confused with the seller’s integrity. The exchange is simply a marketplace. You should pay attention to the reputation of the seller before making a trade. However, the exchange offers a secure escrow service for Bitcoin transactions, which makes it harder to be scammed. You also must verify your Paxful account with an ID to use it.

Fees: 1% for sellers; no fee for buyers

2. LocalBitcoins 

LocalBitcoins.com: Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins. Get bitcoins. Fast, easy and safe. Near you.
LocalBitcoins.com: Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins. Get bitcoins. Fast, easy and safe. Near you.

LocalBitcoins is a Bitcoin custodial peer-to-peer exchange that has been around since 2012. It has an excellent reputation and a large geographical footprint.

In LocalBitcoins, people from different countries can exchange their local currency for bitcoins. LocalBitcoins allows users to create advertisements in which they can choose the payment method and exchange rate for buying and selling bitcoins from and to other LocalBitcoins users. Responding to these ads opens the trading chat and automatically activates escrow protection. Escrow protects both the buyer and the seller by keeping the bitcoins safe until the payment is made and the seller transfers the bitcoins to the buyer. LocalBitcoins also provides a web wallet from which you can send and receive Bitcoin transactions.

LocalBitcoins is a P2P crypto exchange that allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly instead of manually matching them. Its sellers offer a wide range of payment options, such as PayPal, wire transfer, SEPA, Skrill, etc., and the platform secures trading using measures like escrow service, login guard and 2FA (optional). Starting in 2019, LocalBitcoin requires you to submit some identity verification for interacting with (trading, buying, sending) different amounts of Bitcoin.

LocalBitcoins fees

  • Bitcoin trading

Registering, buying, and selling Bitcoin is completely free.

LocalBitcoins users who create advertisements are charged a 1% fee for every completed trade.

  • Bitcoin transaction fees

Transactions to wallets of other LocalBitcoins users are free.

Transactions to other Bitcoin wallets are subject to a sending fee. The current fee is visible on the wallet page under the heading Bitcoin transaction fees. The size of the fee changes depending on the current usage rate of the Bitcoin blockchain. LocalBitcoins automatically adjusts this fee based on the current network load to make sure that your transactions are confirmed as quickly as possible. The sending fee is paid from your LocalBitcoins wallet when the transaction is sent.

When receiving bitcoins to a LocalBitcoins wallet, a deposit fee is deducted from the deposit. The fee varies on how congested the Bitcoin blockchain is. If your deposit amount is smaller than the deposit fee, the deposit will not be processed. The current deposit fee is visible on the wallet receive page.

3. LocalCryptos

Buy & Sell Crypto On The LocalCryptos P2P Marketplace. LocalCryptos is a peer-to-peer Ethereum and Bitcoin marketplace with 100,000+ users in 130 countries. Sign up today to trade crypto with any payment method.
Buy & Sell Crypto On The LocalCryptos P2P Marketplace. LocalCryptos is a peer-to-peer Ethereum and Bitcoin marketplace with 100,000+ users in 130 countries. Sign up today to trade crypto with any payment method.

LocalCryptos is a non-custodial global peer-to-peer platform for secure trading of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash) between traders without intermediaries with a large number of payment methods and access around the world. More than 100,000 users buy and sell cryptocurrencies, offer coins, or purchase them using many different payment methods. When the user responds to the offer, the exchange is made between the buyer and the seller.

Buy & Sell Crypto On The LocalCryptos P2P Marketplace. LocalCryptos is a peer-to-peer Ethereum and Bitcoin marketplace with 100,000+ users in 130 countries. Sign up today to trade crypto with any payment method.

The platform uses end-to-end encryption of communication, which distinguishes the company from centralized exchanges. Messages are encrypted with a special key known only to the participants of the transaction. The moderator can only access the contract if there is a dispute. All fiat payments are made outside of the platform using normal channels, from person to person.

LocalCryptos ensures complete anonymity of user data due to the absence of KYC: the client does not transmit personal information, so it cannot be used by third parties. LocalCryptos does not have access to the user wallet keys that are created during registration. Therefore, they can be used as a personal wallet. It is important to record the private key and store it in an inaccessible place, but not on the computer. 

LocalCryptos charges buyers a commission of 0.75%, and sellers-0.25%.

Without a doubt, LocalCryptos is one of the most viable alternatives to the LocalBitcoins peer-to-peer trading platform. The platform is very secure, as it is not custodial, offers end-to-end encryption and multi-currency support, is available in more than 130 countries around the world, does not require any customer data other than your wallet or email address, and does not even charge high fees.

4. LocalCoinSwap

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum instantly on LocalCoinSwap. Buy BTC, ETH, DOT, USDT and other cryptocurrencies around the world using more than 300 payment methods. LocalCoinSwap is fast, easy, and confidential. Get your free wallet and account today!
Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum instantly on LocalCoinSwap. Buy BTC, ETH, DOT, USDT and other cryptocurrencies around the world using more than 300 payment methods. LocalCoinSwap is fast, easy, and confidential. Get your free wallet and account today!

LocalCoinSwap is the world’s first community-owned, decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that connects people from all around the world to buy and sell cryptocurrency. As there are no KYC or ID verification requirements to get started, the process of trading is private, quick and easy. All you need to do is create a free advertisement, to buy or sell cryptocurrency, and then promote your advertisement on the LocalCoinSwap P2P exchange. In minutes you could be trading with other like-minded individuals, or even with established brokers.

LocalCoinSwap already supports trading in 23 different cryptocurrencies, with more on the way, includes over 300 different payment methods such as cash, bank transfer, direct debit, credit card, and Paypal, to name a few, and has over 166 fiat pairs, making it the largest selection available on any P2P exchange in the world. In addition, as a community-focused platform, LocalCoinSwap is the only P2P marketplace with a revenue sharing model and encourages the community to vote in its operation, making it one of the world’s first cryptographic democracies, made for and by the people.

5. Binance P2P

Buy and Sell Bitcoin on P2P | Local Bitcoin Exchange | Binance. Get Bitcoins with Binance P2P today! Buy and sell Bitcoin via P2P with the best local bitcoin exchange rates when you make peer-to-peer trades on Binance.

Binance P2P is a peer-to-peer marketplace in the Binance ecosystem that connects buyers and sellers. The exchange offers an escrow service to protect its users and supports trade using over 150 payment methods and 49 fiat currencies. You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies using your local currency with multiple payment methods at zero fees.

Unlike other P2P exchanges, Binance P2P requires you to complete identity verification before you start trading.

The platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including USDT, BTC, BUSD, BNB, ETH, DAI.

Fees: Zero fees for both the buyers and sellers.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin on P2P | Local Bitcoin Exchange | Binance. Get Bitcoins with Binance P2P today! Buy and sell Bitcoin via P2P with the best local bitcoin exchange rates when you make peer-to-peer trades on Binance.

Advantages of Binance P2P Exchange

Low cost transaction fees

  • As P2P exchange is a simple platform, the overhead costs are negligible for buyers and sellers.
  • On Binance P2P, you are charged zero trading fees. We do not take any fees from peer-to-peer fiat-crypto transactions or offers posted on our platform.

Flexible payment methods

  • Peer-to-peer exchanges allow sellers freedom to define how they want to be paid.
  • On Binance P2P, you can buy and sell crypto with over 150 payment methods, including bank transfer, cash, PayPal, M-Pesa and multiple e-wallets.

Trade at your preferred prices

  • Peer-to-peer exchanges bring users freedom to trade crypto at the preferred prices.
  • On Binance P2P, you can not just buy or sell crypto from the existing offers, but also create your trade advertisements to set your own prices.

Protection for your privacy

  • Unlike credit card or bank transfers, peer-to-peer exchanges do not collect information about buyers and sellers.
  • So you can buy Bitcoin with cash on Binance P2P and don't need to use any bank account or online wallet to make a crypto-fiat transaction.

6. Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl - a global multisig P2P Bitcoin trading platform that doesn't hold funds

Hodl Hodl is a global Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer trading platform that allows users to trade directly among themselves and does not store funds using a multisig address for a deposit. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of theft and reduces trading time.

Since Hodl Hodl does not store funds (neither fiat funds nor bitcoins), all transactions take place directly between users ' wallets and you do not disclose your data to the trading platform.

This P2P non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange provides direct service to buyers and sellers without holding their funds. Instead, Hodl Hodl uses a multisig escrow to secure its users from scammers.

The main difference between Hodl Hodl and other Bitcoin P2P trading platforms is that Hodl Hodl does not store user funds, nor does it conduct KYC / AML procedures. Hodl Hodl is also cheaper than most other P2P trading platforms, with a maximum commission of 0.3% per trade (0.6% of the contract amount, i.e., 0.3% per user).          .

Another important thing is that on Hodl Hodl you can trade Bitcoin from anywhere in the world, using any payment method and currency as payment  (more than 215 payment methods).

7. Vertex Market

Vertex.Market | Secure P2P Exchange. Vertex.Market - Buy and Sell Bitcoin & Cryptos

Vertex.Market is a dynamically developing peer-to-peer trading platform with more than 70 thousand users worldwide (200 countries). The platform allows any trader to trade without unnecessary verification processes or waiting time, to conduct transactions for the purchase and sale of crypto assets directly between users. Users of the platform can publish their offer with their own terms of exchange, or simply select an ad from the list and respond to the proposed terms. The absence of intermediaries makes it possible to quickly and profitably make transactions without compromising security.

The commission on the Vertex marketplace is 0.5% of the transaction amount-it is paid by both the buyer and the seller.

Passing the KYC check on Vertex.Market is an optional procedure, but to make large transactions, users need to provide identification information.

For all verified users, the platform pays cashback of $10 from each transaction within three months after registration. Now Vertex supports 25 ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including bank transfers, credit cards, as well as popular payment systems: Webmoney, Skrill, Western Union and others.

On the trading platform, you can sell and buy 6 major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Litecoin LTC, USDT Tether, and USD Coin, using the most popular payment methods around the world, as well as store and exchange your crypto assets to the equivalent of the US dollar and back.

Vertex.Market has the option of providing Insurance from the leading insurance operator from the UK (Lloyds of London). If you are concerned about the security of funds in your wallet or when making transactions, you can apply for insurance. The policyholder is a user of the platform who can apply for insurance in their wallet.

The Vertex peer-to-peer platform is owned by Vertex Capital – a private equity firm engaged in over-the-counter trading for large investors.

Advantages of Vertex Market:

  • The option of providing Insurance from a leading insurance operator from the UK (Lloyd sof London).
  • The commission is only 0.5% (for seller and buyer).
  • The Vertex peer-to-peer platform implements a 2/3 multisig address, which can only be withdrawn with the consent of two of the three participants. Such a multisig is able to make many transactions with three parties convenient and secure, and to solve problems when two participants trust a third to judge them.
  • You can use the password protection setting for your trades. This setting allows for "secret" offers that can only be accessed with a password. These offers do not appear in the general offer list and can only be found by directly searching for the offer ID/code.
  • The document storage is implemented in the Vertex platform. You can check users and their documents yourself, in addition to KYC, which is conducted by Vertex. The buyer must upload specific documents for verification before they can trade with you, you can either accept them or reject the transaction.
  • No mandatory verification.
  • Vertex supports a wide range of payment methods, including SEPA bank transfers, credit card, cash deposits, local bank transfers, Swift, Revolut, Paypal, Skrill, Moneygram, Western Union, Transferwise, and others.
  • Profitable courses.Fraud protection.
  • 24/7 support (English, Spanish, Russian).

8. BitZlato - BZ P2P Service

BitZlato - The best place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. P2P exchange with 0% commissions

BitZlato (abbreviated - BZ) is a modern and easy-to-use Peer-to-Peer crypto exchange that allows you to exchange Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tether (USDT), Monolith Ruble (RUBM), Monolith Crypto Ruble (MCR), MonolithosDAO Token (MDT) without intermediaries and hidden fees. In addition to the P2P exchange, it also has a regular exchange that supports more than 20 crypto-crypto markets, which allows you to switch coins with very low fees.

BitZlato is more than 13,000 transactions daily; the monthly trading volume of the P2P platform is more than 2,000 BTC, more than 3,200 ETH and about 2,700,000 USDT. 

BZ's product line includes a P2P platform, a cryptocurrency wallet, an exchange, a lending service, and a payment gateway.

The most popular products of BitZlato (BZ)

Telegram Bot

P2P exchange fees:

  • 0% - When responding to a created ad in a P2P service
  • 0,5% - When creating an ad in a P2P service

Trading platform fees:

  • 0,15% - Taker fee
  • 0,05% - Maker fee

The key features of the BitZlato exchange include:

  • Buy and sell 10 top cryptocurrencies with cash and other payment methods.
  • P2P exchange with Telegram bots. Bitzlato has gained traction as a P2P Telegram exchange first, and its Telegram-integrated services remain strong to this day. It provides a private and convenient way to buy and sell bitcoin without any hassle.
  • Trade cryptocurrencies using Bitzlato’s web exchange. Bitzlato’s web exchange is clean, simple, and easy to use for beginners. Nevertheless, it also supports advanced trading tools for advanced traders, too.
  • Secure and reliable service. Bltzlato runs a secure crypto exchange service that’s been running since 2016 and is yet to experience a major security breach. The exchange is registered in Hong Kong.
  • Demo account. New crypto users can create a free demo account and test their trading skills with fake coins before adding real money into their account.
  • Extremely low fees! Whether you’re interested in P2P trading or crypto-to-crypto exchange, Bitzlato’s fees are some of the lowest in the industry. As such, it is a great option for high volume traders.

In a nutshell, Bitzlato is a quality cryptocurrency exchange that deserves more attention. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced crypto traders, and its versatile approach to crypto trading makes it easy to sign up and access crypto trading in less than a minute. 


Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other cryptocurrencies with no fees - P2P-exchange Bitpapa

Bitpapa is a global P2P marketplace where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and others). Transactions are carried out between two partners, while Bitpapa guarantees the execution of the transaction by holding the seller's coins in the escrow account until the transaction is completed.

Trading on the Bitpapa peer-to-peer platform is carried out with zero commission. The commission is not charged when opening a secure transaction, as well as for internal transfers.

BitPapa P2P marketplace:

  • Zero commission trading

No commission is taken when you open a safe trade as well as internal transfers. Bitpapa only charges the owners of the ads.

  • Over 100 payment methods

To buy or sell cryptocurrency, pick up the payment method available in your area

  • Handy and convenient Telegram bot

Bitpapa BOT delivers the whole package from within a user-friendly interface, specifically tailored for instant and secure trades

  • Every trade is protected

All trades are carried out with a special escrow account

  • Safe and secure wallet

A way to store, send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT

  • iOS and Android apps

All marketplace and wallet features are available on your mobile device

9. Remitano

Remitano is an Escrowed P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange. Remitano help you easily Buy - Sell - Store - Invest - Deposit & Withdraw cryptocurrencies with Fiat Wallet FAST & SECURELY. Remitano  supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and many other altcoins.
Remitano is an Escrowed P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange. Remitano help you easily Buy - Sell - Store - Invest - Deposit & Withdraw cryptocurrencies with Fiat Wallet FAST & SECURELY. Remitano  supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and many other altcoins.

Remitano company was founded in 2015. To provide a secure and seamless experience for users, Remitano aims to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency through peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, which also includes other features such as exchange (crypto-to-crypto conversion) and investing (altcoin investment). More than 1.5 million people trade on the Remitano platform every day.

Distinctive features:

P2P Trading: Allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies (your local money) anytime, anywhere quickly (within 5 minutes) and securely with one of the most reasonable fees on the market. Remitano supports the fiat wallet, with which it is easy to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency and fiat currency, as well as clearly view historical transactions.
Swap: Helps you instantly convert Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether to other cryptocurrencies directly in the Remitano user's wallet.
Invest: Invest in several altcoins such as Ethereum Classic (ETC), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), EOS, Stellar (XLM), TRON (TRX), Tezos (XTZ), Chainlink (LINK), NEO, Monero (XMR)...with the potential for profit growth.

Trading 16 cryptos: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple and many other altcoins

Remitano has a very active forum, crypto news updates, a crypto knowledge base, crypto games, and a multi-level referral program.

Buy and sell Bitcoins within 5 minutes on the best bitcoin exchange Remitano in the countries:

UAE, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Bolivia, Brasil, Belarus, Canada, DR Congo, Switzerland, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, 中国, Colombia, Denmark, Algeria, European Union, United Kingdom, កម្ពុជា, Ghana,  日本, Hong Kong, ประเทศไทย, Indonesia, Israel, India, Kenya,ាSouth Korea, Myanmar, Mexico, Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Россия, Rwanda, Sweden, Singapore, ประเทศไทย, Turkey, Taiwan, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uganda, Venezuela, Việt Nam, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

10. TotalCoin

Totalcoin - a simple multi-currency wallet with P2P exchange and exchange functions.

P2P platform Totalcoin is a place where you can easily and safely buy or sell Bitcoin. Totalcoin is a marketplace, where people can post their ads on buying or selling Bitcoin. Totalcoin offers protection for both parties of a deal and instant release of Bitcoin to your wallet after any successfully completed deal.

Thanks to Totalcoin, anyone can buy and sell Bitcoin at best prices in 5 minutes. Totalcoin platform has a user-friendly interface and the best Customer Support, that is ready to help anyone.

5 steps to buy Bitcoin on Totalcoin:

  • Sign up for Totalcoin;
  • Choose a payment method;
  • Choose an ad and start making a deal;
  • Send money using payment details provided by a seller;
  • Wait for a seller to confirm your payment and instantly receive Bitcoin to your wallet after a deal is complete.
Totalcoin - Cryptocurrency wallet - wallet• buy/sell • exchange BTC, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple

Totalcoin is a simple multi-currency wallet with P2P exchange and exchange functions. Totalcoin Cryptocurrency wallet - buy, sell, exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple.
More information about Totalcoin multi cryptocurrency wallet.

Totalcoin Limited fees

Crypto-Crypto Exchange

If you exchange currencies on our platform, we charge a fee of one percent of the amount to be exchanged.

P2P Crypto-Fiat Exchange

For the Peer-to-Peer or OTC (over the counter) trading on our platform, we charge for each successful transaction 1% from the buyer (taker) and 1% from the seller (maker).

Wallet Fees

We charge no additional fees for deposits on our platform. Withdrawal fees depend on the current load of corresponding blockchain and amount being sent. Please download the app to find out the current fees.

Peer-to-peer exchanges that are very popular among users at the regional and national levels

Peer-to-peer exchanges, which are very popular among users at the regional and national levels and often displace the peer-to-peer platforms of the TOP-10 list, provide serious competition to the marketplaces of the Top-10 List.

It should be noted that the quality of services of these platforms is very high and often does not differ from the level of services and technologies of the leading platforms.


Cryptolocator - Cryptocurrency marketplace


Ethers trading

  • Registering an account, buying, and selling cryptocurrency are completely free.
  • Advertisement owners pay a 1% fee for each completed trade.

ETH and BTC transaction fees

  • Transfers to other Cryptlocator users’ wallets are free.
  • Transfers to other wallets are subject to fee.
  • BTC commission is 0.0004 BTC
  • ETH withdrawal fee is 0.0084 ETH
  • USDT withdrawal fee is up to 20 USDT
  • In case of replenishment of the ETH wallet the minimum amount of the replenishment is 0.05 ETH. The minimum amount for USDT replenishment is 100 USDT. The replenishment of the wallet with less amount is not guaranteed and may be subjected to an additional fee.


Trading Bitcoin Instantly at CoinCola OTC Marketplace and Exchange, Buy Bitcoin online with CoinCola, an OTC Cryptocurrency Marketplace and Exchange providing fast and secure digital trading services.
  • Customer reach: globally
  • Main customer base: Africa (Nigeria)

CoinCola is an OTC cryptocurrency marketplace and exchange based in Hong Kong.

  • OTC Marketplace

CoinCola’s OTC cryptocurrency trading platform allows people around the world to use their local FIAT currency to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Tether (USDT), EOS, GUSD and Ripple (XRP). Trading is done on a Person-to-Person basis and transactions are completed via secure online escrow.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange

CoinCola’s cryptocurrency exchange allows users to expand their portfolio by trading one digital currency for another. CoinCola offers Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) as base currencies and supports crypto-to-crypto trading pairs with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

CoinCola Fees

  • OTC Market

Buying/selling cryptocurrencies from an existing advertisement is FREE.

- OTC Advertise fee

Post an advertisement is free

- OTC Trading Fee (only for advertisers)

Posting an advertisement is free of charge, but Users who post buying/selling ads will be charged a trading fee of 0.7% of the transaction amount after the order is completed.

The specific rate during the event is subject to the event details. 

  • Exchange Market

0.1% trading fee (of the exchanged amount).

WazirX (India)

Buy Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency at India’s Largest Exchange | Trading Platform | WazirX. WazirX is India's most trusted Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange & trading platform. Buy, Sell & Trade BTC, XRP, ETH, TRX, and 100+ cryptocurrencies in India at best prices. Start trading Now!
  • Customer reach: globally
  • Main customer base: India

Shiftal (India)

P2P Crypto Exchange - Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency Platform - Shiftal. Shiftal is the best P2P crypto exchange trading platform. Leverage our trusted buy & sell cryptocurrency platform solutions to enjoy peer-to-peer trading benefits.


Cryptocurrency Exchange, Wallet & Marketplace - Coindirect. Buy, sell, store, convert and trade BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH and 35 more of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies in one place. 25 countries supported. Local payment methods in local currencies. Safe and secure with Coindirect.
  • Customer reach: globally
  • Main customer base: 

Coindirect now operates worldwide! Although we do have a limited number of excluded countries, Coindirect's current list of supported countries includes but is not limited to South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.  

Learn more, visit the websites of the leading TOP 20 peer-to-peer platforms

Buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies instantly, locally, without a third party, using different payment methods on the best peer-to-peer platforms: Paxful, Localbitcoins, LocalCoinSwap, LocalCryptos, Binance P2P, Vertex Market, HodlHodl, Agora Desk, Remitano, Coindirect, WazirX, Shiftal, CryptoLocator, Bitpapa, Chatex, CoinCola, TotalCoin, BitZlato in the:

UAE, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Bolivia, Brasil, Belarus, Canada, DR Congo, Switzerland, Côte d'Ivoire, Cambodia, Cameroon, 中国, Colombia, Algeria, European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden), the United Kingdom, United States, កម្ពុជា, Ghana,  日本, Hong Kong, ประเทศไทย, Indonesia, Israel, India, Kenya,ាSouth Korea, Myanmar, Mexico, Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, ประเทศไทย, Turkey, Taiwan, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uganda, Venezuela, Việt Nam, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

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