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OKX (formerly OKEx) is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges (TOP 3), which was founded in Hong Kong in 2016. In 2018, the platform moved to Malta due to the introduction of restrictions on cryptocurrencies in China.

In January 2022, the OKEx crypto exchange rebranded. The trading platform has changed its name to OKX to better match its ecosystem.

The company explained that they decided to get rid of the combination of letters "Ex", which denoted the exchange (from the English - exchange), since the platform went beyond the usual platform for the exchange of assets.

The OKX recalled that they are already creating a full-fledged ecosystem, which includes a non-custodial MetaX wallet, an NFT marketplace and a decentralized OEC exchange.

"We are building much more than a centralized exchange. It is time to develop our brand so that it reflects what we stand for and strive for," the exchange said in a statement.

OKX is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with advanced financial services. OKX rely on blockchain technology to provide everything you need for wise trading and investment.

Enjoy hundreds of tokens and trading pairs. With OKX, you can join one of the leading crypto exchanges by trading volume. 

OKX serving millions of users in over 100 countries. 

OKX providing spot, margin, futures, options, perpetual swaps trading, DeFi, lending, and mining services.

OKX mission

OKX adopts blockchain to build the next-gen financial ecosystem. OKX strive to eliminate financial barriers, evolve the global economy, and change the world for better. OKX never stop to innovate and improve OKX's user experience to make cryptocurrency trading and investing available for everyone.

OKX tech

Security is OKX top priority. OKX provides a safe, reliable, and stable environment for crypto trading via web and mobile apps. OKX adopt global server load balancing, distributed clusters, other technologies for your protection. OKX products and services are always tailored to your needs and suggestions.

OKX Bonus $ 10

OKX Products & Features

The OKX crypto platform offers a lot in terms of products and services for its customers. These features are split between the Exchange and MetaX and currently include;


  • Buy Crypto – Ways to purchase crypto with FIAT
  • Convert – Instant crypto swaps
  • Basic Trading – Spot trading
  • Margin Trading – For advanced traders, Margin Trading, Perpetual Swaps, Futures and Options
  • Earn – Deposit your crypto into fixed, flexible terms and earn interest
  • Loan – Borrow with collateralized crypto loans
  • JumpStart – OKX token sale platform
  • Dot Slot Auction – Vote for Polkadot and Kusama projects to get rewards
  • Learn – Tutorials, trading ideas and industry analysis


  • MetaX Wallet
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Farming
  • Access to DApps


Buy $20 or more in crypto on your first order and you'll get up to $2 in free BTC as a reward

OKX Products - in detail

  • Buy Crypto

How to buy cryptocurrency and store it safely? Buy cryptocurrency and store it safely

Cryptocurrency is a new class of digital assets popularized by Bitcoin (BTC). While cryptocurrencies or digital/virtual currencies work much like their traditional fiat counterparts, the biggest difference between the two is the lack of centralized infrastructure and banks.

Buy Crypto: Claim $ 10 in Rewards

Where fiat currencies are issued by and kept in banks, digital currencies are issued via distributed mechanisms that follow strict consensus protocols. This translates into cryptocurrencies being stored on blockchains which are largely immutable, much more transparent and globally accessible.

Given their utility and growing list of use cases, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity and one way to buy cryptocurrency is to use a reliable crypto exchange like OKX. On OKX, users can sign up, verify their identities and start buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and other supported payment methods.

Typically, when you buy cryptocurrency, you have to store it in a dedicated wallet, but the security of your digital assets depends on how safely your private key is kept. Every cryptocurrency wallet has a private key which allows complete access to the stored digital assets. If you lose your private key, you effectively lose your funds.

Using an exchange like OKX also facilitates users because their newly purchased or traded digital assets are kept securely on the platform and are credited into users' accounts, available to be sold or transferred as required.

Ultimately, users should always buy cryptocurrency from a reliable exchange, and if they withdraw their digital assets to a personal wallet, they should keep their private keys safe and backed up to ensure the security of their funds. 

  • Markets (Cryptocurrency prices)

View the latest cryptocurrency prices for the hundreds of digital assets listed on OKX, alongside their daily price change and market cap statistics. You can also select "Trade" for any cryptocurrency in the list to visit the relevant OKX market for buying and selling each asset.

By default, crypto assets are listed from largest to smallest by market cap. This cryptocurrency list can also be sorted by "Todays change," which shows the assets 24h price change, allowing you to quickly view the days top gainers and losers.

  • Trade

  • Convent - Quick conversion, no fees, no spreads

You can convert any cryptocurrency to another on OKX at anytime. It's free, instant and simple. Select the crypto asset you want to convert and the asset you want to get in exchange. Enter the amount you want to convert. You can also enter the amount of the asset that you want to receive first. When you select the currency you want to convert, you'll see your available balance right on this page. You can also buy or deposit more funds directly from this page. Once you've selected the amount of crypto you want to convert, confirm the conversion to get crypto deposited to your OKX account.  

How is crypto conversion different from trading? - The difference between using the crypto converter on OKX and trading crypto on the spot market is that the converter automatically selects the optimal exchange rate for the two selected assets in real-time and lets you execute the trade instantly at that price.Another difference between converting and trading is that when using the crypto converter on OKX, there are zero trading fees and, as explained above, no price slippage.

  • Basic Trading - Spot and simple options

OKX Web-Based spot Trading Platform - Modernize your  trading experience on next generation browser-based trading platform.

OKX Trading | Web-Based Spot Trading Platform. Modernize your btc-usd trading experience on next generation browser-based trading platform.
  • Margin Trading - Margin, perpetual swaps, futures and options

Web-Based swap Trading Platform - Modernize your swap trading experience on our next generation browser-based trading platform.

OKX x Advcash: E-wallet, ADV Cards, ADV Crypto World Card

Advcash Payment Hub: Deposit and withdrawal of funds on the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges (OKX, Binance, Huobi, BitGlobal, and others), instant exchangers, p2p crypto trading platforms (Paxful,Localbitcoin, LocalCryptos, LocalCoinSwap, and others), as well as on other popular websites of the cryptocurrency industry.

Currently, the ADV ecosystem includes:

  • Advcash multicurrency e-wallet (9 fiat currencies in one account - USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH, KZT, BRL, TRY, VND).
  • ADV cards (plastic and virtual cards, crypto card).
  • Crypto Savings is a savings crypto wallet (based on the leading crypto lending platform Nexo).
  • Payment instruments (deposit of funds, sending of funds, currency exchange). Deposit and withdrawal of funds: Visa/Mastercard bank cards, SEPA, local transfers, digital currencies. Instant transfers to other users.
  • Local and international transfers.
  • Instant p2p transfers for 0%.
  • Transactions with cryptocurrencies (buy and sell cryptocurrencies).
  • Merchant-tools for business.

Advcash payment hub - Crypto features, crypto-friendly e-wallet. Buy and sell popular coins and stablecoins at great rates. Deposit and withdraw on Binance and other exchanges.


A powerful Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in your pocket. Buy, sell and trade crypto on the go.

  • View real-time cryptocurrency prices
  • Buy and sell BTC, ETH, XRP, OKB and other digital assets with ease
  • Get live price-change alerts for cryptocurrencies you follow
  • Check BTC spot, futures and options prices
  • Compare cryptocurrency prices across exchanges

  • Finance

  • Earn 

(Dual Investment - High return,  Savings - Low risk, Flexible term, Staking - Low risk, Stable yield, DeFi - High return, No fees).

OKX - Earn Bitcoin, Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly, Earn Cryptocurrency, Earn BTC. Earn bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies with your crypto holdings compound. Explore more crypto earning options to get the most out of your stack.

Dual Investment is a non-principal protected investment product launched by OKX, offering an attractive return upon successful subscription. At maturity, you will receive both principal and interest in either the base or the alternative currency, depending on the settlement price compared with the strike price.

Savings is our value-added product for flexible earnings. You can earn hourly interest, as well as deposit and withdraw your assets at any time. Regardless of the borrowing demand, you can get the highest interest rate. Hourly interest helps you to use your funds with the maximum efficiency. And you can earn even more with increased limits if you invest large amounts. Assets from Savings are used to fund OKX margin loans.

Staking is how Proof of Stake (PoS) networks maintain their security. By locking the native token, you can earn staking rewards in return. When you stake or delegate your crypto, you help run the network and participate in its governance. Rewards are distributed in proportion to the amount you have staked versus the total amount.

DeFi: Explore top DeFi products. Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a collective term for financial services based on blockchain and smart contracts. It includes decentralized exchanges, insurance and stablecoins.

Decentralized finance or DeFi is an umbrella term for financial services based on decentralized networks. They include lending, insurance, decentralized exchanges and stablecoins. The most popular DeFi products include SushiSwap, Compound and AAVE.

Earn Bitcoin, Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly, Earn Cryptocurrency, Earn BTC. Earn bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies with your crypto holdings compound. Explore more crypto earning options to get the most out of your stack.

  • What is Earn? - Earn is a handy aggregation of ways to earn interest on your crypto portfolio. We provide the best options from OKX, decentralized finance, and staking so that you can maximize your earning potential options.
  • What is rate (APY)? - When you use Earn, you will gain interest on your subscription. If you choose to use a DeFi service, you may also earn bonus tokens. The income from the interest and bonus tokens determines the rate or annual percentage yield (APY). Once you have realized some yield, you can calculate your net rate using the sum of the annualized interest and mining yield, both of which change in real time according to supply and demand for the services and assets.
  • When does revenue calculation/distribution start? - The revenue calculation/distribution time for different products may be different. For DeFi products, the revenue calculation time is around 11:00 am (GMT+8) daily. Please be aware that on-chain operational delays could affect calculation time. The revenue is composed of interest amount and bonus tokens. The bonus is distributed at approximately 12:00 noon (GMT+8) daily, and the interest is distributed along with the funding capital on the day after redemption. Both interest and the bonus are distributed to your account.
  • What are the risks? - OKX accesses third party DeFi protocols, and only provides related services such as project display and revenue distribution, and does not take responsibility for any asset losses caused by potential risks such as contract vulnerabilities, hacking incidents, or termination of business, bankruptcy, abnormal suspension or cessation of trading of third party DeFi platforms or projects.

  • OKX Loan

Collateral to borrow money - The currency of borrowing can be realized and withdrawn at any time, with ultra-low interest rate and large amount of borrowing, so the security is guaranteed.

  • Jumpstart

OKX Jumpstart is a platform that helps new projects launch and grow their communities. Jumpstart users are able to participate in campaigns by staking their OKB and receiving tokens from new projects based on their staked amounts. Unlike buying tokens in offerings, getting them via Jumpstart is similar to liquidity mining because users get all their staked assets back after the campaign ends. Each project on OKX Jumpstart starts with its own rules and particulars, such as total tokens available, minimum and maximum stakes, and so on.

Jumpstart lists projects for a limited time, allowing users to stake OKB and receive tokens issued by those projects. Projects and staking sessions have different activity periods, available staking assets, session and total staking limits, as well as lock-up periods. Typically, you can stake and unstake your OKB anytime and get rewards. Projects with lock-up periods don't distribute rewards until these periods end. The more OKB you stake, the more tokens you can receive.

  • DOT Slot Auction

Vote for Polkadot and Kusama projects to get rewards.

Polkadot works on the main Relay Chain and many parachains connected to it. And parachain slots allow projects connect to the Relay Chain. This connection is essential for any parachain to work properly, but the number of slots is limited, and they’re only available for lease. As there are a lot of projects, Polkadot has slot auctions at which projects bid for available slots. Some projects accept votes from other participants so that you can support them by locking your DOT. It works the same way for Kusama, but you can use your KSM.

OKX Fees

OKX’s fee structure for spot trading is dependent on a few different factors. These include the trading pair, OKB holding, volume of trading and also if you are a maker or a taker of the market.

For most users and trading pairs, the fees are at 0.1% for market orders and 0.08% for taker orders. However, if you are a VIP user, i.e., your monthly trading volume is more than 10 million, you are eligible for fees as low as 0.06%.

There are no fees for deposits, however, fees are incurred for withdrawing your crypto. The withdrawal fee depends on the crypto you are withdrawing, for example, 0.0002 BTC for Bitcoin, 0.004 Eth for Ethereum and so on, which is cheaper than some centralized cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Gemini and Kraken.

Regular Users

OKX regular users fees are based on the number of OKB held. OKB is the native crypto of the OKX exchange. The more OKB tokens you hold the lower your fees.

Level 1< 500< $10 million0.080%0.100%
Level 2≥ 500< $10 million0.075%0.095%
Level 3≥ 1,000< $10 million0.070%0.090%
Level 4≥ 1,500< $10 million0.065%0.085%
Level 5≥ 2,000< $10 million0.060%0.080%

VIP Users

OKX VIP users fees are determined on their trading volume over the last 30 days.

Level 1≥ $5 million0.060%0.080%
Level 2≥ $10 million0.040%0.075%
Level 3≥ $50 million0.020%0.070%
Level 4≥ $100 million0.000%0.060%
Level 5≥ $200 million-0.002%0.050%
Level 6≥ $500 million-0.005%0.040%
Level 7≥ $1 billion-0.0010%0.030%
Level 8≥ $10 billion-0.010%0.025%

OKX Exchange Supported Cryptos

The platform is crypto to crypto therefore you can´t trade with FIAT markets such as GBP or Euros. However, they do offer ways that you can buy your crypto from their site. OKX offers 140+ crypto assets and more than 400 trading pairs which can be bought using BTC, USDT, ETH, DAI and the native OKB token.

OKX MetaX Wallet

The OKX MetaX Wallet is a private and easy to use software wallet that allows users to store their crypto assets. The MetaX Wallet is downloadable as a web browser extension and is multi-chain, supporting various networks including, OEC, Ethereum, Polygon, Fanton, Binance Smart Chain and HECO.

MetaX - Explore decentralized universe; Decentralized Finance hub; OKX. OKX Defi Hub - Create, trade and manage your Defi portfolio from one place. Explore and manage the universe of decentralized finance today.
  • One-stop Solution - No more rush between different DEXs
  • NFT Supported - Create, manage, trade, whatever you imagine
  • DApp Store - Explore 1000+ DApps with only one-click

MetaX is a smart wallet which supports multichain features with 15+ blockchains and 1000+ DeFi protocols.

With the MetaX wallet, users remain in complete control of their crypto with access to their private keys. It can also be used to connect to DApps and DeFi protocols to invest, trade and earn.

MetaX: A safe and easy-to-use multi-chain wallet that supports various networks such as OEC, Ethereum, Polygon, Phantom, BSC and HECO.As the infrastructure of the DeFi ecosystem, you can view assets, make transfers, receive payments, connect and authorize DApps, as well as add or switch networks.

MetaX adhere to the goal of decentralization, with users in charge of private keys and assets. This extension allows the DApp to perform identity verification and transaction signing without accessing the private key, which is stored locally.

In the future, MetaX will support fast transfers between exchanges and extension wallets to better integrate into the OKX ecosystem.

OKX Security

Unlike many other centralized exchanges, with a notorious history of getting hacked, OKX has never been hacked in its history. 

OKX Referral Bonus

OKX offers new users a $10 Bitcoin sign-up bonus, plus if you use our exclusive referral code 2756021 you will receive a 20% rebate on every trade.

OKX Referral Code
Use Referral Code 2756021 or our OKX referral link
OKX Sign-up Bonus
20% Off Trading Fees & $10 Bitcoin Bonus

OKX Apps for mobile and desktop users  

Mobile phones have become a significant part of our lives, and almost everything is available within these devices. To keep you updated and close to your financials, charts, graphs, and analytics, OKX offers their users professional mobile apps. They are available for Android and iOS users, which can be easily downloaded from their respective stores.

If you want an even faster experience along with dedicated performance, OKX also offers applications for computer users. The OKX software is available for Windows and macOS users, which is faster than the browser-accessed site, and can provide you with a more pleasant experience.

Alternatives to OKX

If you are looking for alternatives to OKX we have compiled a list of the top 8 brokers that are similar to OKX below. This list of brokers like OKX is in order of similarity and only includes companies that accept traders from your location: BinanceKuCoinHuobiBitGlobalBitfinexCoinExKrakenBittrex.

The Binance cryptocurrency Exchange is the world's largest bitcoin and altcoin exchange in the world by volume.

KuCoin: Crypto & Bitcoin Exchange, Bitcoin Trading. KuCoin is a secure cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easier to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, KCS, SHIB, DOGE, etc.

Huobi Global provides a secure and reliable digital asset trading and management service for millions of users from more than 130 countries. TOP 3 in terms of Trading Volume. Good liquidity and a full trading range.

BitGlobal is a Digital Asset Trading Platform; an innovative trading platform.  Resources and technology to provide digital currency transactions, digital asset issuance, blockchain project incubation, decentralized finance as well as other related services. Real-time streaming quotes, professional market charts, deposit, withdrawal, transfer and detailed trading records on app. Trading. Global ecological layout for free trading.

Bitfinex: Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bitcoin Trading, Futures Trading, Margin Trading.
Bitfinex offers order books with top tier liquidity, allowing users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO and many other digital assets with minimal slippage. Margin funding. Liquidity providers can generate yield by providing funding to traders wanting to trade with leverage. Funding is traded on an order book at various rates and periods. Margin trading. Bitfinex allows up to 10x leverage trading by providing traders with access to the peer-to-peer funding market. Order types.  

CoinEx - The Global Cryptocurrency Exchange. CoinEx - A professional global cryptocurrency exchange that supports BTC/ETH/DOGE/LTE/XRP trading with high-speed matching engine, very fast deposit and withdrawal experience, guarding assets with multi-dimensional security and protection. In CoinEx, Trade With Safety and Convenience. Delivering crypto trading services to 200+ countries and regions. Diversified Trading Selection.  

Kraken: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bitcoin Trading Platform. As one of the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, Kraken is consistently named one of the best places to buy and sell crypto online, thanks to excellent service, low fees, versatile funding options and rigorous security standards.

Bittrex Global is the best place for you to buy, trade and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 250 other cryptocurrencies safely and securely. Bittrex Global is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange known for its next-level security. Open your free account today View Markets. Leveraged Tokens Now Available.

Briefly about OKX

OKX is one of the world's most trusted cryptocurrency exchange applications for buying digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, Shiba Inu (SHIB), Ripple XRP and many more.

● OKX offer various asset classes to millions of crypto traders in more than 200 countries. OKX offer spot and derivative buy-sell services with hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple XRP, Tron (TRX), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS and OKB.
● OKX provide secure and reliable digital asset management services, we currently support more than 400 crypto buy-to-sell pairs for spot and contract buy-to-sell.
● Industry's first unified account system OKX have, besides sharing the margin between different account types, advanced to maximize the use of funds and professional traders which allows automatic multi-currency feature that allows the borrowing. Withdraw money anytime thanks to our real-time payment feature.
● Buy the best cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH and USDT with a debit or credit card in minutes. Transactions are carried out through strictly vetted service providers. And you can choose providers based on the offers they offer.
● See your portfolio's profit and loss (K&Z) performance trends on a daily, monthly or self-selected period with our new asset analysis feature. OKX also provide financial, data analytics, pool mining and wallet tools that allow you to manage your assets and investment portfolios.
● With OKX unique semi-offline multi-signature technology, hot and cold wallets, OKX have an all-encompassing security vision to ensure the security of your assets. Safely, quickly and easily, you can safely deposit and withdraw money.
● Are you not a trader? Start your crypto money with Earn, easy-to-use portal for the world of DeFi and other ways to get passive income from your crypto money. Keep your crypto money and earn up to 30% APY.


● Buy academy crypto platform to earn passive income professional to buy and sell crypto on the market and create strategies with the industry to help you learn the latest developments, market insights, and crypto buy-sell training.
● Set up price alerts to receive real-time notifications about your favorite cryptocurrencies. You can also view crypto prices in the spot, futures and options markets and set your buy-sell strategies at any time.


● OKX has a robust MetaX where you can view all your assets under different DeFi protocols and blockchains in one place. In addition, OKX have an NFT market and this is a decentralized NFT exchange for creating, collecting and trading extraordinary NFTs.


Bitcoin (BTC), ETH, ADA, SOL, BCH, DOGE, DOT, Tether (USDT), LUNA, AVAX, MATIC, LTC, LINK, ICP, ETC, XLM, Theta, UNI,Tron(TRX), ALGO, FIL,ATOM, XMR, EOS,AAVE, USDC, SHIB, NEO, Tezos (XTZ), BSV, Ripple XRP, MANA, SAND, MIOTA ( IOTA), AXS, ONE, NEAR, ENJ, MKR, STX, BAT, HBAR, ZEC, DASH, DAI, Compound (COMP) and many other cryptocurrencies.


Whether you are an experienced trader or you are very new to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, OKX Customer Support team is here to help. Contact for answers and feedback support@okx.com you can send an e-mail at. 24/7 support is available in many languages.


OKX, formerly known as OKEx, is one of the largest global cryptocurrency exchange platforms that meets all your needs for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, including Stake and DeFi offers, as well as high-yield rewards with NFTs.