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ELLIPAL Titan is one of the most popular hardware wallets. Its unique technical characteristics and consumer properties, absolute protection against remote, physical, online attacks, protection against disassembly and hacking, full control when transferring data from a cold wallet using a QR code, no need for a network connection-these are the main competitive advantages of this wallet.

Details - about the new product line of ELLIPAL in 2022:

ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet
ELLIPAL Cold Wallet

The ELLIPAL Titan has a favorable price/quality/capabilities parameter and its price is $ 139. ️Ships in 1-2 business days; ️1-year warranty.

ELLIPAL Titan is the best cold wallet
ELLIPAL Family Plus

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ELLIPAL Online Store

What to know about the ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet (Read First)

If you have purchased yourself an ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet, you are already on your way to securing your cryptocurrency in the most secure air-gapped cold wallet. However, it is also important for you, the user, to understand the basics of this wallet in order to keep your crypto secure at all time.

What is the purpose of the ELLIPAL Titan?

The ELLIPAL Titan helps you create your cryptocurrency account in a secure and offline environment. This consists of creating your private key and the public key. The public key is shared to the App and the private key will be kept securely within the ELLIPAL Titan, protected from any hackers. The ELLIPAL Titan is also used when users want to securely sign for a transaction.

What is the purpose of the ELLIPAL APP?

The ELLIPAL App is designed to be paired with the ELLIPAL Titan. The ELLIPAL Titan simply pairs with the ELLIPAL APP via QR code and now, the APP now has all of your addresses. The addresses sync up with the blockchain and allows you to view your balance and create transactions. You cannot view your balance on the ELLIPAL Titan because it is completely offline.You can also create an account directly on the App, this will create a hot wallet account. 

How ELLIPAL keeps your Bitcoin and other Crypto secure?

The ELLIPAL Titan has 3 main security points:

1) Air-gapped: From the chip set level, the ELLIPAL Titan does not support any type of connections (USB, Bluetooth, WiFi etc.). This means the ELLIPAL Titan cannot be attacked in anyway through a network or another device unlike other hardware wallets. Your crypto will always be kept safe and offline.

2) Anti-Tamper: The ELLIPAL Titan is built strongly to prevent physical hacks. The unit is built upon a durable metal frame, hackers cannot crack open the device without causing permanent damage to the unit. If a hacker try to crack open the unit, the system will automatically deletes itself, protecting your crypto.

3) Trustless Trust: The ELLIPAL Titan is all about being transparent. All QR code coming out of the ELLIPAL Titan can be verified with any QR code scanner. Users can prove to themselves that every QR code is correct and contains the right information. A large screen also allows user to double-check their transactions and make sure they are always sending to the correct address. Lastly, the ELLIPAL Titan allows private keys and recovery seed import from user's own trusted source so their is no need to trust ELLIPAL's code.

How transactions work?

Transactions are firstly created on the App. The App sends the transaction information to the ELLIPAL Titan via QR code. The ELLIPAL Titan then confirms the transaction within the software using your private key and issues a confirmation QR code. The App scans the QR code, confirms the transaction and your crypto is sent.

How transactions work?

How to Set Up My First Cold Wallet Account on The ELLIPAL Titan?

1) Create an account on the ELLIPAL Titan

Creating an account is easy, follow the steps below and watch the video below for reference.

i. Turn on your ELLIPAL Titan, choose your language, select "Next", and select "Create Account".

ii. Fill in your account information and set up your passphrase (optional). Passphrase is crucial when you need to recover your wallet, never forget it.

iii. Select "Create Account", read carefully and check the 3 important points. The ELLIPAL Titan will give you a set of mnemonics.

iv. Write down your mnemonics and keep it well. It is the only backup to your wallet and all of your crypto.

v. Verify the mnemonics by selecting the right words in order and press "Verify Mnemonics".

vi. Select the coins you want included in the account and finish creation process.

2) Pair Your New Account to the ELLIPAL App

Once you have successfully created your account on the ELLIPAL Titan, you will have to pair it with ELLIPAL App to be able to view your balance and create transactions. If you haven't, download the App HERE. Pairing is easy, follow the steps and video below.

i. On the account you just created on the ELLIPAL Titan, select the icon on the top right of the screen.

ii. It will open the "Connect to App" page along your your "App Connection QR codes".

iii. Go to the ELLIPAL App, select "Add Account" and select "Connect to Cold Wallet".

iv. Press "Connect to Cold Wallet" and the camera will open on your mobile phone.

v. Using your phone's camera, scan all the QR codes on the ELLIPAL Titan. You can press "Auto Play" on the ELLIPAL Titan to let it plays through all of the QR codes automatically while your hold the camera.

vi. Finish scanning all the QR codes and check out the your new cold wallet account on your phone.

3) How to send transactions with the ELLIPAL Titan 

Transaction signing using QR code is a new idea for many people but it is much easier and fast (and secure!) once you get it. Follow the steps and the video below to understand.

i. If you want to send ETH, for example, go to your account on your ELLIPAL App and select ETH.

ii. Select "Send" at the bottom right corner.

iii. Enter the amount you wish to send in ETH, fill in the destination address and select your gas fee. Once done, select "submit".

iv. Double check your transaction details. Tap the dark area of the screen to reveal your "Unsigned Data QR Code".

v. Now, on your ELLIPAL Titan, go to your account and select ETH. Select "Sign" icon on the right.

vi. Input your password and press "Ok". This will turn on the camera on the ELLIPAL Titan.

vii. Use the ELLIPAL Titan to scan the "Unsigned Data QR Code" on the ELLIPAL App. Double check the details and select "Ok".

viii. The ELLIPAL Titan will generate "Signed Data QR code"

.ix. On the ELLIPAL App, select "Scan Signed Data QR Code", the App will turn on its camera.

x. Use the App to scan the "Signed Data QR code" on the ELLIPAL Titan to finish sending.

xi. On the App, you can press on ETH again to check on your transaction history.


Verdict: Best Air-gapped Wallet of 2022

Compared to many years ago when cold wallets were terms used for customized network isolated computers, cold wallets of today are much more useful and easy to obtain. There is no reason to not choose a cold wallet and ignore its obvious security advantage. That being said, there are also a few choices to make when choosing a cold wallet.

Our best choice of 2022 is ELLIPAL because it is the best all-around in terms of security, hardware build, and usability. 

In terms of security, there is no doubt that it is very secure. It is a 100% offline air-gapped device with no ports or equipment that can connect it to the internet. It also has anti-disassembly and anti-tamper features, meaning it can also protect against physical attacks, in case someone wants to tamper with the hardware itself.

In terms of hardware, it is fully made out of metal and is very strong. It won't be easily broken and is very suitable to hold your coins for the long term. Despite being made out of metal, it is not heavy and fits perfectly in the hand, a very satisfying design. 

In terms of usability, it is also rated very highly. The number of coins supported means you can store almost every currency that you invest in, into this one device. With other supported features, you can also easily carry out the usual trading and investing directly on the wallet. It is very useful for beginners and experts traders alike. 

Do you think the ELLIPAL Titan is the best air-gapped cold wallet of 2022? Let us know in the comment below!

A brief description

ELLIPAL Titan is a hardware wallet that uses offline QR codes to sign transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies.

Unlike most hardware wallets, the ELLIPAL Titan cannot be connected to external devices via USB, Wifi or Bluetooth. This ensures maximum protection of the user's private keys.

Another feature of the wallet is a large touch and color display, which displays all the important information.

Equipped with an ELLIPAL 1400 mAh rechargeable battery, which can support up to 259 hours of operation!

The sealed housing of the device is made of metal, which provides protection from physical impact, shock and compression. The accessories of the wallet reliably protects from moisture and dust. 

All you need to use the wallet is to generate or restore an existing wallet with a mnemonic phrase (BIP39), download the official ELLIPAL app for iOS or Android and mark the necessary portfolio currencies. The export of public addresses to the smartphone application is carried out in one touch via the device.

The product line includes ELLIPAL Mnemonics Metal. This is a strong metal device used to store important mnemonics of 12/15/18/21/24 words and ensure that the backup of your wallet is stored for as long as possible.

The ELLIPAL Titan has a favorable price/quality/capabilities parameter and its price is $ 139.

️Ships in 1-2 business days; ️1-year warranty. 


ELLIPAL Titan is an air-gap hardware wallet that uses offline QR codes to sign cryptocurrency transactions. Unlike most other hardware wallets, the ELLIPAL Titan cannot be connected to external devices via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This ensures maximum protection of the user's private keys.

ELLIPAL Titan is one of the most popular and best hardware wallets compared to others. Here are its unique technical characteristics, consumer properties and competitive advantages: absolute protection against remote, physical, network attacks, protection against disassembly and hacking, full control when transferring data from a cold wallet using a QR code, no need for a network connection.

Learn more about the ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet:

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