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CoolWallet S is a compact hardware crypto wallet in the form of a credit card that supports many cryptocurrencies, with a built-in small screen and a button. The device can be stored directly in your wallet along with other cards, so it combines security and portability. CoolWallet S connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is controlled via an app on iOS or Android.

CoolWalletS Hardware Wallet

The manufacturer of the device is the company CoolBitX, which is based in Taiwan and was established in 2014. The first CoolWallet wallet was produced in 2015. The main goal that the developer set for himself was to release the first mobile cryptocurrency wallet with a hardware level of protection. The first model supported only Bitcoin, but soon the team thought about a second version of a more functional device, and in early 2018, Coolwallet S went on sale with support for Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens and many other cryptocurrencies.

The Cool Wallet S wallet comes in one or two copies of CoolWalet S Duo. The kit is cheaper to buy if you need a backup card for cryptocurrencies in case the first one is lost.

Stay Safe and Convenient with CoolWallet S 

CoolWallet S & Duo Specifications

BrandCoolBitX, CoolWallet
Size and weight (net)85 x 54 x 1 mm, 2g
Connection typebluetooth
InterfaceMobile App (iOS, Android)
Compatible withiOS, Android
DisplayInk display, 22 x 13mm
Backup dataBIP39
Secure Chip (Secure Element)Is present
FeaturesBattery (15 mAh) with a charge that lasts from 2 weeks to a month

What is the CoolWallet S

  • Keep your cryptocurrency in cold storage with the CoolWallet S wireless Bluetooth hardware wallet.
  • Two CoolWallet S device, with single power cord & power dock.
  • Combines the security of a hardware wallet with the convenience of a software wallet.
  • Secure Digital Currency Wallet: Protect your coins with a Secure Element in an isolated, offline card.
  • Secure: US Military grade CC EAL5+ Secure Element (SE) chip and encrypted Bluetooth connection (AES256). Multi-step verification required for all transactions which includes Face/Touch ID, passcode, physical confirmation and more.
  • Convenient: The CoolWallet S Wallet Supports: Bitcoin (BTC), EOS, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), JOYSO (JOY), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), WETH, BNB, Horizen, ICX, stablecoins and all ERC20 tokens. 
  • Crypto-to-Crypto and Fiat-to-Crypto exchange all available in-app (Changelly, ChangeHero, Binance DEX exchange platforms). BitPay is also fully integrated within CoolWallet S. Send and receive cryptocurrencies with your mobile phone in minutes.
  • Portable: Same size as a credit card. Completely wireless and computer connection not required. Supports iOS and Android devices.

Advantages of CoolWalletS compared to Software "Hot" and USB Hardware Wallets


Original applications and integrations

  • The iOS mobile app

The original hardware wallet mobile app that works with the iOS 9.1 (and higher) operating system. Inside the app, you can conveniently add ERC-20 tokens, exchange cryptocurrencies using the built-in Changelly exchange, and perform operations to send and receive assets. Convenient ability to send addresses from the app via any available messengers and read addresses from the smartphone camera.

  • The Android mobile app

The original hardware wallet mobile app that works with the Android 6.0 (and higher) operating system. All the basic settings for updating the firmware, connecting to another smartphone, cleaning and adding a new wallet are available. The ability to display the balance and transactions in the equivalent of the fiat currency. For your convenience, you can hide unused cryptocurrencies from the interface. The interface is identical to the iOS version.

Integration of the Changelly cryptocurrency exchange platform

Changelly Your Simple Access to Crypto

Integration of the ChangeHero cryptocurrency exchange platform

In addition to the Changely crypto exchange platform, in 2020, CoolBitX integrated the non-custodial instant cryptocurrency platform ChangeHero into its companion CoolWalletS app, CoolBitX Crypto. Swaps only take a few minutes, whether it's BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, or other coins/tokens.

Exchange of cryptocurrencies in the CoolWallet S hardware wallet using the integrated ChangeHero exchange platform

ChangeHero Echange platform CoolWalletS

To exchange your crypto assets in the CoolWallet S wallet using the ChangeHero platform, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Choose a pair and provider: Go to the “Exchange” tab and tap “Start exchange”. We’re going to make a BTC to ETH swap at a fixed rate. In the providers section, choose “ChangeHero”.
  2. Check addresses: In the next step, choose an address of your wallet you would like to send the coins to exchange from (a BTC address here) and the incoming payment address (for ETH in our case). All of them are public addresses generated from your private key and are stored in the app.
  3. Confirm the details: Next, double-check the chosen pair, amounts, addresses and rates. You will have 10 minutes to confirm the transaction.
  4. Send the funds: Only after you check and confirm the details, your wallet will be needed to make a transfer. ChangeHero does not store any funds of users, so for each exchange, a separate transfer is needed. Confirm the sending by pressing the button on your CoolWallet.
  5. Success: And there you have it!  

If you would ever want to stack some more assets on your CoolWallet S or cash out, we encourage you to check ChangeHero’s buy and sell options out on ChangeHero website! Just like exchanging, you can buy or sell BTC, ETH, BCH, OKB or USDT easily, quickly and at the best prices.

CoolWallet S: What is setting up and using the device actually like?

In total it will take less then 10 minutes from unboxing to having a ready-to-use hardware wallet, synced with a mobile device.


The device itself comes in a discreet matte black cardboard box, measuring roughly 11.5x8.5cm. Within it, you will find the following,

  • CoolWallet S
  • Charging dock
  • Recovery Seed Card x 2USB-A to Micro-USB charging cable
  • Documentation with QR code for access to the App
  • The wallet and dock are each black, sharing a design aesthetic with the accompanying app.


Once unboxed, setup of the device is a breeze, taking no more than 10 minutes. To get the process started, you will need to download the CoolBitX app. This is available for both Android and iOS systems.

It should be noted that the design of this wallet requires for your mobile device to support Bluetooth.

When downloaded, simply open the app, turn on the wallet by pushing the integrated button, and pair the devices over encrypted Bluetooth. Once paired, the unite will give the option to either create, or recover a wallet.

Seed generation can be tailored to 12/18/24 words or numbers. For increased security, the option to generate seeds linked to the card is an option, vs. the app. Make sure to have a calculator handy, as the device requires the sum of each seed figure to verify that everything was recorded correctly.

Note that the hub is only for charging purposes. The battery within the card is expected to last multiple months with normal use. 


Using the CoolWallet S is a bit like using a combination wallet, taking the best parts of a mobile wallet and combining them with the perks of a hardware wallet. The result is a secure solution for storing your assets on the go.

Once set up, most of your interaction with the wallet will take place through the app on your smartphone. Here you can tailor your portfolio, view holdings, receive and send funds, etc. Private keys are stored on the card itself, meaning that it is required to access funds, along with the paired smartphone.

All items are simple, but sleek. The wallet is especially interesting with the built-in E-ink display, which is comprised of three rows. The top shows the current asset being accessed, Bluetooth status, and battery indicator. The middle and bottom row show both upper and lower-case letters, along with numbers. It is here that balances, recovery phrases, etc., are displayed.

While the screen on the wallet itself quite handy, the unit itself is primarily used as a confirmation device. Building transactions, and portfolio monitoring is done via the app.


With the CoolWallet S, various steps were taken to ensure that funds remain safe. CoolBitX indicates that not only does the wallet make use of AES-256 encrypted Bluetooth connections, but that no sensitive data is ever transferred wirelessly. Through the use of an integrated security chip boasting CC EAL5+ certification, private keys are never shared.

CoolBitX states, “This secure chip does the calculation of all the necessary algorithms and delivers only the result of the calculation (non-sensitive data) out to the phone via Bluetooth”. 

Like other Coolwallet cold storage devices:

  • Store private keys on the stm chip so that they cannot be extracted or displayed even to the device owner;
  • Spending coins must be accompanied by a physical push on the device button, which eliminates the possibility of remote theft of cryptocurrency.

Which of the CoolWallet hardware wallets to buy and why?

Both models are absolutely identical except for the presence of an additional card in the CoolWallet S DUO model, which will be useful in case of loss of the first card and will also allow you to manage the assets of two users.

Beware of fakes!

We recommend buying CoolWallet hardware wallets only from the manufacturer's official online store or from official accredited resellers, as there are many offers on the market for selling replicas of cold storage devices. Always carefully check the packaging and equipment of the device. Buy hardware wallets in specialized stores, which will then be able to give full advice on the activation, configuration and operation of the wallet.

CoolWalletS Buy Now


CoolWallet S is the only cold wallet in the world that runs on a mobile app. It connects to the mobile phone via an encrypted Bluetooth connection. Then all the actions take place inside the mobile app. There is no need to register in the app, everything is completely anonymous.

Transactions, as with all hardware wallets, are confirmed by clicking a button on the CoolWallet itself. What's more, the wallet has an ink display that displays numbers, coins, connection indicator, and battery.
The device is charged by USB charging. The manufacturer claims that the Coolwallet S battery capacity can last for 2 to 3 weeks if the device is fully charged.

When you consider the quality and design of this wallet, it’s a safe and great solution to HODL different cryptocurrencies.

To date, Cool WalletS is the only hardware wallet that only works through an app for iOS and Android smartphones. On the official website of the manufacturer, you can find useful materials on settings, features and get the latest news about the product.

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