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The unique properties of Bitcoin allow decentralized, censorship-resistant, and immutable money. This technological breakthrough will reshape society in unforeseen ways. 

Shift Crypto equip users with simple and secure hardware & software products that enable financial sovereignty.

Shift Crypto AG is a privately held company based in Zurich, Switzerland; international team of specialists across engineering, crypto security and Bitcoin core development build the BitBox products and provide consulting services.

Shift Crypto mission is to empower individuals to participate in the emerging cryptocurrencies ecosystem. 

Learn more about BitBox02 hardware wallet, BitBoxApp, Backup Card, Steelwallet, an easy-to-use, heavy-duty seed backup storage tool, and other Shift Crypto products; prices and discounts in 2022.

Also, a comparison table of the BitBox02 hardware wallet with other best hardware wallets is presented.



  • BitBox02: second-generation hardware wallet
  • BitBox02 available editions: Multi and Bitcoin-only
  • A short video introduction to the BitBox02, Swiss made hardware wallet
  • Shift Crypto: A wide product line:
  • BitBox02 wallet in comparison with the best hardware wallets (Ledger Nano XTrezor Model TELLIPAL TitanKeepKey)
  • Buy BitBox02 Hardware Wallet with 5% discount - (Code: "BUYBIT24")
  • BitBox02
  • BitBox02 features
  • BitBox02 Security features
  • BitBox02 Bitcoin-only
  • In Box
  • Steelwallet
  • Backup card
  • BitBoxApp
  • Explore the BitBoxApp 
  • BitBoxApp tour
  • Prices
  • BitBox02 & HODLR Swiss Disks
  • Conclusions
  • Learn more about the leaders of the Swiss crypto industry

BitBox hardware wallet by Shift Crypto. Swiss-made hardware and software for easy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency storage.


BitBox02: second-generation hardware wallet

The BitBox02 equips individuals to easily store, protect, and transact cryptocurrencies. Its companion, the BitBox App, provides an all-in-one solution to securely manage your digital assets with ease.

Simple and secure, it is a great solution for beginners: the BitBox App guides new users through every step and setting up the BitBox02 takes lessthan two minutes, backup to the microSD card included. The in-app guide answers common questions.

The BitBox02 is very straightforward to use. The detailed screen shows all relevant information for easy verification. And there are no clunky buttons: touch sliders allow intuitive and efficient operations, like confirming a transaction or verifying a receiving address.

It also is a great choice for advanced users: the BitBox App offers easy connection to your own Bitcoin full node, provides coin control and a mnemonic seed phrase backup. In combination with the free wallet Electrum, power users have not much left to wish for!

BitBox02 secure dual-chip architecture reflects values as a Swiss open-source security company: it enables the use of a secure chip for physical device hardening in combination with fully open-source firmware. With its small form factor and no visible screen when powered off, the BitBox02 is a very discreet device. Made in Switzerland, it inherits deep appreciation of quality and privacy.

BitBox hardware wallets are available since 2016, have been sold in over 100 countries, and every enhancement and security improvement lead to the BitBox02 available today.

Available editions: Multi and Bitcoin-only

The BitBox02 comes in two versions: 

  • the Multi-edition supports different cryptocurrencies and tokens and can be used as a second-factor authenticator. 
  • the Bitcoin-only edition features a radically focused firmware: less code means less attack surface, which further improves your security when only storing Bitcoin.

A short video introduction to the BitBox02, Swiss made hardware wallet

Shift Crypto: A wide product line

The BitBox02 wallet in comparison with the best hardware wallets

Compare the models of hardware wallets from leading manufacturers according to various technical and functional characteristics and choose the best option for yourself.

Use comparison tables* .


ModelLedger Nano X BitBox02 TREZOR Model T ELLIPAL Titan KeepKey 
   PlatformWindows, MacOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, iOSWindows, MacOS, Linux, AndroidWindows, Mac, Linux, AndroidAndroid, iOSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, Chrome OS
  BrandLedgerSHIFT CryptosecuritySatoshiLabsELLIPALKeepKey
  Altcoin SupportYesYesYesYesYes
FIDO U2F AuthenticatorYesYesYesYesNo
 Supported Coins90+6
1500+ ERC20 tokens
Open SourceNoYesYesNoYes
 InterfacesBleutooth,   USB-CmicroSD,
Size, mm72x19x1254,5x25,4x9,664x39x10119,4x64x9,938x94x12
Screen 2FAYesYesYesYesYes
Exchange integration   Direct swap between    crypto
integration into the   software 
Buy and Sell Crypto
Buy and Sell Crypto in the BitBoxApp
Buy and Sell Crypto
Integrated exchange    platforms; 
Fiat-to-Crypto Gateways
Changelly, Coinify
CoinSwitch, ChangeHero,
Fox.Exchange, MorphToken

*) - An interim change of product specifications, prices, delivery time and costs is possible.

Buy BitBox02 Hardware Wallet with

5% discount!

  • Protect your coins with the latest Swiss made hardware wallet. 
  • The BitBox02 hardware wallet stores your private keys offline. So you can manage your coins safely. It works with Bitcoin, Ethereum and a range of other crypto assets.

Use code "BUYBIT24in the checkout process before you pay for the Hardware wallet.

 Link here >>>


The BitBox02 cryptocurrency hardware wallet enables you to independently generate and securely store your private keys. You can also use it as a second factor authenticator (FIDO compliant U2F).

BitBox02 features

BitBox02 features
  • OLED display

The large 128 x 64px display lets you verify directly on the BitBox02 what you are about to confirm, including all transaction details before signing. 

  • Easy backup and restore

For peace of mind, backups are made to a microSD card instantly and can be managed from the BitBox App. Optionally you can display your 24 recovery words. 

  • Invisible touch sensors

The BitBox02 hardware wallet has capacitive touch sensors to interact with the device.

  • Mobile ready

Plug directly into your Android phone or computer with USB-C. The BitBox02 comes with an optional USB-C to USB-A adaptor and cable included.

  • Supported coins

The BitBox02 supports Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens. Among them are Chainlink, DAI, USDT and BAT. More coins are planned in the future.

See all supported cryptocurrencies   

  • Secure chip

A secure chip protects against physical tampering. This includes prevention of brute-force attacks and improved protection of your private keys.

Learn more about the BitBox02 security features    

  • Universal second factor (U2F)

BitBox02 Security features

  • On-device password entry
  • Open sourced and deterministic builds as we live the motto "Don't trust, verify"
  • Secure verification of transactions and other data via display on screen and user gesture confirmation
  • Device attestation to detect counterfeits
  • Externally audited firmware
  • Encrypted USB communication between device and app with noise protocol to avoid eavesdropping
  • Encrypted seed stored on the MCU, protected by both the secure chip and user-chosen device password
  • Multiple sources of entropy for seed generation
  • Monotonic counter in secure chip to avoid brute force attacks by limiting total attempts
  • Password stretching in secure chip to avoid brute force attacks by making attacks take a very long time
  • Bootloader accepts only firmware signed by Shift Cryptosecurity
  • Bootloader can display the hash of the firmware before running it for binary transparency
  • Bootloader prevents firmware downgrades
  • Protection against nonce covert channel attacks
  • Optional BIP39 passphrase

BitBox02 Bitcoin-only

  • Use your BitBox02 as a second factor authentication key for your favourite online accounts, such as email and crypto exchanges. 
  • The BitBox02 Bitcoin-only hardware wallet enables you to independently generate and securely store your private keys. Minimize the attack surface when hodling your most important asset.

In the Box

BitBox02 - In Box
  • BitBox02
  • USB A to C adapter
  • microSD card
  • Rubber pulls
  • USB-C extension cable
  • Stikcers


Protect your wallet backup with a Steelwallet, an easy-to-use, heavy-duty seed backup storage tool.

Steelwallet by Shift Crpto

Steelwallet: Make your Bitcoin wallet backup last forever

Creating a backup of your Bitcoin and crypto wallet is important. It ensures that your funds can be restored even if you lose or break your hardware wallet.

Regular backups need to be protected against the elements.

The Steelwallet helps you take your Bitcoin backup endurance to the next level and make sure it can survive a house fire or whatever else nature throws at it.

Steelwallet: Features

  • Simple

Clear instructions, low-tech, no additional tools needed - Easy to set up.

  • Heavy-duty

Made of stainless steel to resist almost everything, including mechanical force, fire, radiation and corrosion  - High-quality stainless steel.

  • Everlasting

Ageing-resistant backup for your future generations - Store your savings.

  • Universal

For all cryptocurrency wallets that use up to 24 recovery words - BIP-39 compatible.

Steelwallet: Features

How to set up a Steelwallet

See how to setup a Steelwallet backup tool. 

Steelwallet is an easy to use, heavy-duty, everlasting and universal crypto backup tool.

Steelwallet supports the BIP-39 standard which allows you to store 12,18 and 24 word seeds on your Steelwallet.

Different backup options at a glance

microSD card

Print yourselfBackup cardSteelwalletTamper-evident bags
When to useStandard backup method for the BitBox02, quick and reliableEasy and free for handwritten backup for any cryptocurrency walletProfessional, ageing-resistant for long-term wallet backups that are kept in a safe placeMost durable backup that is designed to survive pretty much anythingProtection against undetected access and hidden tampering
Actions, stepsBUY
additional cards
 a backup 
 a backup card 
 a Steelwallet
 Tamper-evident bags


Steelwallet set:

  • Retail package contains: 2 engraved stainless steel sheets, 1 puncher, 1 instruction booklet
  • Compatibility: Any BIP39 compliant wallet
  • Size retail package: 120 × 120 mm
  • Size steelwallet: 100 × 120 mm
  • Weight: 450g

Backup card: The analog backup for your digital coins

Creating a backup of your Bitcoin and crypto wallet ensures that your funds can be restored even if you lose or break your hardware wallet.

The BitBox02 allows you to create an analog copy of your backup by writing down 24 recovery words,in addition to the automatic backup on microSD card.

Shift Crypto Backup card is made for securing your wallet backups long-term. It is made of ageing-resistant cardstock and features self-lamination for additional protection.

Compatible with BIP39 compliant wallets.

BitBox02 Backup card
  • Retail package contains:1 booklet, 1 cover, 2 inlays, 1 lamination pouch
  • Size retail package: 130 x 120 mm
  • Size laminated card: 85 x 118 mm
  • Weight: 22g

If you wish to give this format a try, you can download the free "print yourself" version from Shift Crypto website.


The BitBoxApp is at the center of the BitBox ecosystem:

Explore the BitBoxApp >>>
The BitBoxApp is at the center of the BitBox ecosystem

The companion app and BitBox02 hardware wallet are the only things you need to get going: buy, secure, and use crypto with ease. 

Buy crypto directly in the BitBox App with just a few clicks. Everything is sent directly to your BitBox02 hardware wallet so you stay in control of your funds.

You can buy all coins supported by the BitBox App. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and various ERC20 tokens

  • Mobile ready:

The BitBox App is available on Android so you can manage your crypto on the go. Download the Android app and connect your BitBox02 using the convenience of USB-C.

  • Multilingual:

English, German, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian and Chinese. 

  • Multiple accounts:

Accounts are great for managing funds for different people or specific purposes. For example, you can have one account dedicated for long term savings and another for your everyday spending, all on the same BitBox02. 

  • In-app guide:

In app guide changes dynamically for each page to support you when you need it. 

  • Wallet choices:

You don't just have to use the BitBox App. The BitBox02 can connect to various wallet applications. Including Electrum, Specter, Sparrow and MyEtherWallet

  • Transaction notes:

Add notes to your transactions.

  • Unified accounts:

The BitBoxApp makes addresses easy to use, unifies different Bitcoin script types and address formats, no headache about legacy, wrapped or backwards-compatible Segwit or native bech32 Segwit. 

  • Connect to your full node:

We don't want your data. When connecting your own full node to BitBox desktop app you stay in control of your personal information. 

  • Connect via Tor:

Improve your privacy by optionally directing all your transaction activities via Tor.

  • Coin control:

Select which coins you want to spend to provide you with tighter control over what information you reveal on the blockchain.

  • Compatibility:

Supports the BitBox01/02 and is available for macOS, Windows, Linux and Android. 

BitBoxApp tour

See how easy it is to use BitBoxApp >>> 

The Shift Crypto product line: Prices*

*Note. Prices for Shift Crypto AG products are indicated as of the date of writing the article. Visit the official online store, learn more about current offers, prices and discounts.

Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bank transfer, Bancontact, iDEAL, Sofort, EPS.

1BitBox02 Bitcoin-only EditionA BitBox02 exclusively for Bitcoin. Protect your bitcoins with the latest Swiss made hardware wallet.€119.00 LEARN MORE
Multi Edition
Protect your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cardano, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens with the latest Swiss made hardware wallet.€119.00LEARN MORE
3Backup CardProtect your 24 recovery words with this ageing-resistant Backup Card with no-machine lamination protection. Detailed instruction booklet included.from
4SteelwalletFire and corrosion resistant metal cold storage to protect your recovery words.€65.00LEARN MORE
5microSD backup cards (2 pack)Two additional high quality microSD cards for redundant BitBox02 backups.€25.00LEARN MORE
6Tamper-evident bags

Secure storage for peace of mindfrom
7Connectivity Pack

Stay agile with additional USB connectivity accessories€13.90LEARN MORE
8Ultimate Backup bundleGet your peace of mind, protect your backup easily and safely with this complete backup tools combo.€85.00

BitBox02 Bundle - Best choise!

BitBox02 Bundle - Best choise!

Buy BitBox02 Hardware Wallet with

5% discount!

  • Protect your coins with the latest Swiss made hardware wallet. 
  • The BitBox02 hardware wallet stores your private keys offline. So you can manage your coins safely. It works with Bitcoin, Ethereum and a range of other crypto assets.

Use code "BUYBIT24in the checkout process before you pay for the Hardware wallet.

 Link here >>>

BitBox02 & HODLR Swiss Disks

  • Use a BitBox02 hardware wallet. Store your backup with HODLR Swiss.

BIP39 / SLIP39 hardware wallets (including BitBox02, Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey and other) will generate a unique seed so you can recover your assets when needed. Always keep your seed backup offline. 

Store your backup with HODLR Swiss Disks. HODLR is a solid cold storage DIY tool designed to survive extreme conditions. Use multiple HODLRs  to protect your seed against loss and theft.

HODLR Swiss: The best seed metal backup to protect your crypto recovery phrases. Swiss engineered to resist extreme conditions. Sleek and intuitive tools for self-custody and peace of mind.

  • All parts are made of solid marine grade Stainless Steel.
  • 24 disks sealed together to permanently backup your crypto wallet recovery phrase.
  •  100% offline DIY tool, no third-party involved.
  • Compatible with any BIP39 or SLIP39 software or hardware wallet. Up to 24 words seed length. Shamir compatible.
  • Designed in Switzerland.

Learn more:


  • The BitBox02 offers superior security for your cryptocurrencies.

The experienced Shift Crypto team has been building hardware wallets since 2015, engineering and manufacturing in Switzerland for the highest quality standards. Use and secure Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Chainlink, BAT plus more than 1500 additional ERC20 tokens with the BitBox02.

  • Perfect for getting started with crypto.

The BitBox02 allows you to securely buy, store, and use your cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the intuitive BitBoxApp (available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android), no prior knowledge is required. The built-in user guide always shows relevant entries and answers common questions. Setting up BitBox02 is done in a few minutes and absolutely stress-free so that you can get started right away.

  • Secure. Right from the start.

All security-related operations take place directly on the BitBox02, the computer or smartphone never comes into contact with your secret crypto keys. The BitBox02's built-in screen displays all important information so that you can check and confirm it independently of the computer. This means that even a computer virus can't get at your cryptocurrencies.

  • Open Source + Secure Hardware.

The secure dual-chip architecture combines complete transparency (through 100% public open-source computer code) with specially hardened security hardware. This also protects your Bitcoin and Cryptos from physical theft.

  • Convenient operation for daily use.

Ingenious touch sensors, a crisp display, and you can even use your BitBox02 on the go with your Android smartphone thanks to the USB-C connector. If you prefer to use it with your desktop computer, we include a USB adapter and extension cable to accommodate any setup.

Learn more about the leaders of the Swiss crypto industry: