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How to get passive income of $650 per month? We will tell you!

If you buy a $15000 cloud mining contract from ECOS for 5 years then at the current Bitcoin price of $45000 your monthly income will be $651.

But that is not all.

If you reinvest your mined Bitcoins every six months to buy $3000 contracts then towards the end of your 5-year contract your income will be approximately $54300 or 1.2 BTC.

This is provided that the Bitcoin price does not change much. But Bitcoin price triples every 5 years. Thus, based on the statistics it can be expected that the $15000 spent on mining in 2021 will turn out to be $150000 in 2026 or sooner.

ECOS - Legit BTC Mining Platform

About ECOS Mining

ECOS Mining Platform is a resident of a free-economic zone with special tax conditions. ECOS Cloud Mining gives an opportunity to lease real capacity of equipment for BTC mining. 

The advantage of ECOS Mining among similar services is in the lowest commission at service operators, competitive value of electricity and the absence of tax encumbers.

ECOS is a high-tech platform, specialised in sharing computing power. Here are key features of the service: ECOS mining capacities work in partnership with the largest mining pool - BTC.com; a transparent system of using real computing equipment on mining farms; flexible system of mining - contracts.